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Review: Going Vintage - Lindsey Leavitt

Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt
Publication Date: April 1st, 2013
Pages: 304
Age Group: Young Adult
Source: Bought it

Synopsis (from Goodreads)

Sixteen-year-old Mallory loves her boyfriend, Jeremy. Or at least likes him more than she's ever liked any other boy. She's sure he feels the same way. Until she happens upon his online Authentic Life game and discovers he's cheating on her Mallory's life is falling apart and technology is the cause. And then she finds a list, written by her grandma when she was Mallory's age. All her grandma had to worry about was sewing dresses and planning dinner parties. Things were so much simpler in the 1960s. And there's nothing on the list that Mallory couldn't do herself. Maybe it's time for Mallory to go vintage and find the answers to her modern-day problems.

I have been dying to read this book and I'm so glad I did! Even though it's very common for me to love all the books I read it's not so common for me to find a book where there isn't one single thing that I would change. Going Vintage is one of those books.

I found it really easy to connect with the main character, Mallory, who I think is very loveable. All the other characters are really well written and they all seem to have their own story (instead of just being there as "props" on Mallory's). I really liked Ginnie (her younger sister) and Mallory's friendship. Ginnie seemed to always be there to help Mallory with her crazy plans, even if it means going all 1962. Oliver was another great character. He was really unpredictable and well...absolutely hillarious! I also liked that he had his qualities but he also had flaws.

What really took me by surprise was the plot. It has a couple of nice twists and even though it's not very heavy and emotional it's not superficial either. I thought it was very easy to read and once I started, I was hooked! 

I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a light, really sweet and funny book!

You can buy the book from The Book Depository (this is an affiliate link, which means that if you buy something from there I get a small comition without any extra charges fot you! :D)

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  1. My first impression as I was reading the blurb was, 'Ugh, not more teenage drama!' but then when I saw the premise behind it, I think it sounds really awesome!

    1. Haha it's not very dramatic! It's quite light actually! And the whole 60's thing was a great idea! Even I felt like dressing in vintage clothes! :)

  2. This book has been on my wishlist since it came out! I love the cover, I love Lindsey Leavitt and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Awesome review, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I beleive this was on of the first books I heard about when I joined the blogging community and I have been dying to read it! :)


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