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Cover Wars #8: The Diviners (USA vs. Portugal)

Cover Wars is a feature where I'll show different covers for the same book and choose the one I like the most. I got this idea from Sammee at I Want To Read That, you should definitely check her cover wars! :)

So, last week's Top Ten Tuesday was about book covers and a lot of people were talking about re-designs that they loved and that they hated. Besides, I went to a shop and I saw the portuguese version of The Diviners which inspired me to do this post.

I am not even going to talk about the disaster that was the american cover re-design because I get sad whenever I look at the new cover. (So, let's just forget it was ever created!!)

I LOVE the original cover from the US! It's gorgeous and intriguing and the purple gives it a supernatural vibe! It's one of those books that I would buy without even reading the blurb (it's sort of how it ended up on my TBR pile to be honest...). Usually I'm a huge fan of the portuguese covers...but deffinitely not this one! I think they wen't with the lazy comercial way with this one...with the landscape and the woman's face (doesn't she look like a Barbie?) And it seems more like a crime novel...

What do you guys think? Which cover is your favourite?

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