domingo, 4 de maio de 2014

Discussion Sunday (#1): To co-blog or not to co-blog...

...That is the question! And it's a question that has been a lot on my mind lately since I know that time will always be a issue with me (except maybe in the summer!).

  • Being able to share the fun!
  • Sharing the work (God knows I need it!)
  •   This blog is like my baby, it has my name and everything;
  •       Affiliate links are associated with my personal email;
      So, I really don't know what to do...if on one hand I would love to have a blogging friend with whom I could share everything, on the other hand I don't want to part with Joana In The Sky With Books (which, unless my co-blogger was also called Joana, would be really unfair).  I signed up to receive bloging tips from Brent Riggs, the guy from Linky Tools and on one of his latest emails he talked about how he was giving away free Wordpress blogs already set-up and I started thinking that maybe I could get a second blog and get a co-blogger on that one! And then I reminded myself that the whole reason why co-blogging was so much in my mind lately was my LACK OF TIME...did I really want to run two blogs?? Am I crazy?

      Considering I was having this conversation out loud with myself the answer may very well be "yes".

       What do you guys think of my dilemma? Have you ever gone through the same thing?

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  1. Did you want someone just to do reviews with you, or did you want them to be able to post and do everything?

    You could always get another book reviewer that could just email you the review, and then you could set it up and still maintain the integrity of your passwords and set up, but have them do the writing. Then they could post it around and help increase your audience.

    But if the point is to avoid having to do that part, then I think it would probably be safest, and easiest, for you to just start another blog :) The wordpress blogs are easy to start on your own, so you wouldn't even need to go through anyone else.

    1. I think I would like them to be able to post too if they had good discussion ideas, for example :)
      I guess I still have to think about it! The thing with having two blogs would be the time, but I don't's something that has been on my mind a, we'll see :) If I do create a new one, I'll still keep this one, since like I said, it is my baby! hahaha
      Thank you :)

  2. Honestly, I think that if I ever got a co-blogger it would backfire horribly for me. I can imagine I'd be one of those people that is supposed to get a post written today but instead, I'd spend five hours talking with my co-blogger about books. Although, I've always liked the idea of a co-blogger. To me it just sounds really fun.


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