sábado, 1 de fevereiro de 2014

And the blogger is back (ish?)!

Hi everyone! Some of you may have noticed that I sort of disappeared from the face of the earth! I didn't plan to do it but life got in the way...especially school! I wasn't doing very well and I was nearly failing a certain curricular unit (the most important one this year!) so I had to take an unplanned break and get that in order! Thankfully I had my last exam on that curricular unit on Wednesday and I passed!! :D

Now I have two more to do at the same time so it's going to be quite challenging too! I really don't want to take another break though so if anyone has any advices on time management that they would like to share, I would deeply appreciate it! I'll try to leave some posts scheduled for now since I have some time! I'm so glad to be back! I have really missed all of this :)

And as a way of apologising I leave you with the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars! I know probably everyone has seen it already...but still! 

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