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Blog Tour: Broken Symmetry - Dan Rix (Review + GIVEAWAY)

Title: Broken Symmetry
Author: Dan Rix
Publisher: Burning Ember Press
Date of Publication: July 28, 2013
Genre: YA sci-fi


Eleven months after the father of sixteen-year-old Blaire Adams vanished without a trace, he's found wandering outside The Scripps Research Institute vomiting blood and speaking gibberish, his sole possession a worn leather diary filled with an unrecognizable language. He has a message for her.

As he dies in her arms, he claims he never vanished. She vanished.

In a nearby military quarantine zone, scientists are being called in from around the world to sequence a previously unknown strain of DNA. Scientists…and soldiers.

When her father’s autopsy reveals a rare chromosomal disorder—a disorder, it turns out, she inherited—Blaire begins to suspect her father’s last words weren’t induced by amnesia. Like her dad, she has an additional set of instructions in her genes—instructions for what, doctors can’t say. Only one thing is certain: it’s what killed him…and it will kill her too.

But now she’s haunted by prophetic nightmares of the Yellowjacket—a young murderer, eyes the black of charcoal, who lures his victims to suicide without ever paying them a visit. The only clue she has to his handiwork is a lingering feeling of déjà vu. That, and the nagging suspicion that all she knows is a mirage. She is certain of two things—though it may mean confiding in the wrong side of good and evil, he has the answers she needs.

And he is recruiting her.



In fact, I was so delirious I walked right through the front door.

My body froze, sensing my mistake before I fully realized it.

The alley, the door in the garage, the stairs up to room A—not the front door. Neverthe front door. I stood in the black, foreboding office, cold seeping into my blood. A shuffle perked my ears from the couch, where Damian’s slept, shirtless.

My God, did he live here?

If I woke him up now . . . if I woke up his reflection, who knew what permutations would come to pass. I tiptoed back toward the door, my eyes keen on Damian’s sleeping body, keen on his every twitch . . . keen on his sculpted abs and chest.

As I inched the door shut behind me, Damian muttered something in his sleep and flipped over. My hand stopped, and I listened through the gap. What if . . .

No, Blaire. Turn around.

But it was too late. The idea was already spreading waves of anticipation through my body, enflaming my skin.

We were in a reflection. I could do anything I wanted, anything. And he wouldn’t remember a thing.

Before good judgment could kill my buzz, I darted back inside. My heart hammered, echoing in the dark, fantasy world that had become my mind. I climbed onto him, straddled his legs, and traced the creases of his six-pack with my fingers. 

His stomach clenched, and his eyes snapped open.

This book caught my attention right away with the cover and the blurb and it was a very pleasant read, although there were some things that should be different. 

First of all, I have to say that there is a lot of scientific language, which isn't always excplained and if that for me isn't much of a problem, for someone else it might be. 

As for the characters, at first I didn't quite like Blaire because she seemed to be a bit arrogant and self-centered but in the end she does change and grows; I thought that the other characters were quite interesting too (especially Damian!). I have to say something about Blaire's love interest in the beginning of the book, Josh Hutchinson, who has a very angular jaw...reminds you of something? I am not sure whether this was an accident or supposed to be funny but I laughed anyway!!

The dialogue between the characters was amazing, Blaire and Damian proved to be rather wity and provided some hillarious conversations.

The pacing is alright, a bit up and down though, there are times when nothing is reallt happening and there are others when it's very action packed.

All in all, it has a couple of flaws but nothing major so I deffinitely recommend it!

About the author

Dan Rix lives in Santa Barbara, California with his fiancée, paranormal romance author Laura Thalassa. He started writing his first novel in college while procrastinating his architecture studio work.



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